Sant Pere’ s house

Reform of an isolated detached house in Sant Pere de Ribes

Our clients after buying an original single-family house from the 70’s in an urbanization of Sant Pere de Ribes where the global aesthetics is rigorously maintained and with the same Mediterranean style, wanted mainly to maintain that style by improving the interior finishes, degraded parts and do a landscaping study on the plot. In the house there were moisture problems brought about by capillarity that were finally solved by making perimetral drainage and treating the exterior walls with revocation of lime, and interiors with silicate paint.
We slightly modified the interior layout by expanding important spaces for the clients, such as the kitchen, and converted their room into a suite incorporating a dressing room and a private bathroom. Finally getting a composition of three double bedrooms, two bathrooms, dressing room, kitchen and living room.

The perimetral enclosures were improved with new carpentries with efficient glass and wooden canopies. A study of the plot was made in which a proposal was made of native species of low water consumption, and a productive area for orchards was reserved.
This zone is fed through a double water system: the main one is realized through the collection of water of covers by means of ceramic gutters and storage in buried deposit and in second option, by direct supply of connection.
The main interior pavement was replaced by a natural wood flooring and in the exterior a combination of manual Catalan tova and wooden pallet was made. The end result is a cozy, healthy and efficient home.