The Vineyard house

Renovation and expansion of a small shelter house.

Our clients, a family of five, three of them small, they are looking for a refuge to spend the weekends and vacations.
They have a piece of land with plenty of water, a vegetable garden, trees and small building that used to serve as a dinning room and storage for tools. In this place they used to spend the day with their children. They often thought: How good is it to stay here for one, two or three days! Until one day, they finally decided to improve the quality of the existing place and to expand it to extend their stay. The requirements consisted of a bathroom, kitchen/dinning room, living room and beds for the couple and the three children. The original house has a gabled roof that, due to its height, allowed the creation of a small loft with double beds. Under this, the original space was kept as a living room and, in turn, the children’s bedrooms.

A new glazed build is created that extends by replicating the existing house. This new space contains the kitchen and the dinning room. The bathroom is added as a third volume, attached to the other two, where a dry toilet is built, whose waters are cleaned and purified through a system of plants and aggregates for watering the trees.
The existing space was insulated with a cork EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system), except for the roof that was made internally. All interior plaster is COM-CAL lime. The new glazed build -greenhouse- is structured with an L -shaped CEB (compressed earth block) and a wooden framework.
The objective was to create an area by day, the greenhouse open to the garden, and another at night, the existing, more closed and sheltered.
The result is a healthy house, cozy, flexible refuge in harmony with nature.