Poeta house

Renovation and integral cleaning of an apartment in the Poble Sec

The spontaneous decision to do an integral cleaning was due to the arrival of a new member to the family, her first child. This consisted of getting rid of anything that contained components that pollute the indoor environment, or that were not beneficial to health. Agglomerates, varnishes, synthetic textiles, plastics, synthetic parquet, air heating, poor lighting, microwave, wifi and an extensive etcetera is what appeared in the list and the initial result was that the house was almost empty. This served to proceed with the next step, which was to apply 2cm of clay plaster on the wall of each room and in the living room. As a base requires a rough grip wall, remove the plaster / paint / paper to the brick, which generates a lot of dust.

The third step was to recover the original hydraulic floor that appeared when the synthetic parquet was removed. We polished, grouted and applied natural oil. The fourth step was to change the carpentry of aluminum and simple glass, which lost heat during the winter, by FSC Flanders Pine wood treated with vegetable lasura and double crystal. The windows are facing south west and had no protection from the sun, which made our clients “roasted” in the summer. As a solution we put some Alicantina pine blinds treated as that of the windows.
Finally, all the walls that were not touched with clay were painted with Keim silicate paint.
The outcome is a more comfortable and healthier home.