Tamariu House

Renovation and extension of a single family house in Badalona.

Initially, our clients wanted an energy efficient project, but of conventional architecture. By telling them that we were bioconstructing and working with natural products to create healthy spaces, they did not think much of it. Both are nurses and were very receptive. The objective was to improve the conditions of the original house of 90 m2 and the creation of a new volume to house the living room, dining room and kitchen. A redistribution of the original house was made to attach the new volume, turning the kitchen, bathroom and living room into the master bedroom with its dressing room and bathroom.
There were problems of humidity and lack of thermal insulation that we improved by applying an exterior thermal insulation system of lime and hemp on all facades using the Heswall system from Hemp Eco Systems. In the interior of the house the same system was chosen, but of less thickness, to regulate the interior humidity. The cover was also isolated with lime and hemp in some areas and cotton blanket in others.

The new volume was designed with bioclimatic criteria, taking full advantage of the southern façade with large windows for the winter and the use of lattices in summer. The envelope is continuous lime and hemp – Hesmix system from Hemp Eco Systems – and a roof garden.
The air conditioning system used is a biomass boiler and underfloor heating. All facilities are biocompatible.
Half the doors were reused, pickled and applied natural oil. The rest are made of solid wood and also treated with oil.
All carpentries were replaced by high quality aluminum and double emissive double glass.
Finally, walls were painted with Keim silicate paint and others with Com-Cal lime paints
The result is efficient and healthy house.


Architect collaborator: Sonia Hernández-Montaño.
Photos: Eduardo Llasat.